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I love live events and bringing women insurance professionals together!  I believe that it is my life's mission to support and encourage women to not only exist but to thrive inside of the insurance industry. 

After 25 years in the insurance business both as an agent and consultant, I noticed a consistent theme from the women that I serve: There were no leadership initiatives or groups specifically designed to address the challenges for women who want to grow in the industry, particularly for minority women and women of color. I decided that issue needed be addressed and created the NAAWI Network ( to focus on helping women of color grow personally and professionally in the insurance industry.  

iPOP-19 is a interactive day designed to further advance NAAWI's Four Pillars of Excellence:  Leadership, Diversity, Community, and Growth..... all the things we have planned for you at our inaugural leadership summit and expo.  

I encourage you to invest in yourself today and make the decision to attend iPOP-19. You will be so glad you did!!

xo, Coach MO

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My company serves women insurance professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the country. We have coaching and consulting clients from coast to coast and thousands of subscribers from all industries referring to our company for guidance, encouragement and no-nonsense strategies.  We’ve done this SIMPLY with  strategic planning, marketing know-how  and a lot of hustle and commitment. There are NO magic pills. It hasn't been easy, but it  has been so worth it!  And YOU  deserves to reach your full  potential!

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