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In today’s insurance arena, challenges can arise at any time, and to be an effective leader you need to be able to respond to those challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise.   Many women insurance professionals may be experiencing difficulty responding to unanticipated challenges, lack of confidence and self esteem or they are simply interested in improving their leadership skills.  This event is designed to address and eliminate those challenges by helping you create a full pan of execution! 

Question: What would it be like if you: 

  • Gain essential skills and techniques  you need in order to view challenges from different perspectives.  
  • Build skills you need to lead effectively, including the often tricky skills needed to persuade and influence people.
  • Have the opportunity to get to know yourself a little better by exploring your motivation to lead, and to test your level of self-confidence, your emotional intelligence, and other qualities that are needed to become a good leader. 
  • Get the opportunity to network with other leaders, and to draw on their experiences. 
  •  The chance to step back from your daily responsibilities, to examine your organization, and to think about how the future may unfold. 

 The insurance industry is rapidly transforming – new risks, new technologies, new positions, new skills and leadership. To stay in line with a rapidly changing industry, we are taking the best parts of iPOP Leadership Summit & Expo to deliver new content and expo experience to a larger yet more targeted audience. 


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